Ana Valea

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

The people I work with in psychotherapy may seek psychological support for a variety of reasons. You might be feeling hindered by past or present trauma, or you may be functioning well in your life. You might be seeking psychotherapy as a means of self-development, to address major life changes, or to manage a mental health condition. You might also enter therapy as part of your training requirement. You might have been in counselling or psychotherapy before, and feel that there is further work to be done.

Psychotherapy might help you

• if you have recurrent difficulties in relationships

• if you are confused about your sexuality or sexual feelings

• If you have confusion about your identity

• If you have feelings of emptiness, loneliness and meaninglessness

• If you have anxiety, panic attacks and stress

• If you have low self-esteem

• If you have experienced something traumatic in your childhood or later in life

• If you have problems with education and career attainments

• If you have problems with physical symptoms for which there is no medical explanation, but which may be an expression of emotional pain

•  If you have experienced loss or a bereavement.

I like to begin with an assessment which enables me to think together with you about your circumstances, and to determine the most appropriate way forward with you - which may mean a referral to a different form of therapy.

If we decide to continue working together, my aim would be to help you to understand the trauma or traumas that underpin the problems you may be struggling with on a day to day basis, and to enable this understanding to be accepted by, and integrated with, your own conscious sense of who you are as a person. 

Please look at my FAQ page for answers to any questions might have. You can find out more about the training that I have undertaken, and about psychoanalytic psychotherapy, by looking at the UKCP, UK Council for Psychotherapy website.